Top 15 Strongest Pokemon Types, Ranked!

Pokemon has 18 varieties in overall, which include their very own units of strengths and weaknesses. While all of us have our favorites, it is plain that there are some varieties that stand proud of the remainder.

Pokemon can also be both purely of a unmarried variety, or have secondary typings. These combos can regularly make and smash the Pokemon’s stats.

But which varieties are general winners? Which wield essentially the most energy on the subject of offence and defence? Let’s run via an inventory of the highest 15 most powerful Pokemon varieties ever.

15. Normal

Normal varieties are generally dismissed as a result of they’re so fundamental. They have one of the vital lowest stats within the collection and shortage any kind of benefit, be it attack-wise or protection, over the opposite varieties.

The simplest certain is that they’re proof against the Ghost variety. Otherwise, Normal variety Pokemon have very … customary results at the different varieties – they are no longer statistically robust in opposition to any explicit variety.

That being mentioned, Arceus, one of the vital most powerful Pokemon ever, is a Ground variety – albeit it has a multitype skill to switch itself into the opposite varieties.

14. Ground

Ground variety Pokemon are tremendous efficient in opposition to 5 varieties, together with Steel. They’re additionally proof against the Electric variety. But they are nonetheless weaker than the others at the listing. These guys sadly become reasonably redundant with the arrival of the Rock variety.

There are numerous robust Ground variety Pokemon. Look at Primal Groudon. Unfortunately, even though, Primal Groudon is thought of as robust no longer as a result of its number one Ground typing, however because of its secondary Fire typing. 

13. Fighting

The Fighting variety is vulnerable in opposition to a whopping 6 varieties. But a majority of these Pokemon are nice attackers that rely fully on their bodily would possibly.

Fighting makes for a very good secondary typing, particularly paired with the Pokemon variety precisely reverse to them, like Ghost, Dark, and Psychic.

We cannot speak about Fighting and no longer point out Mewtwo. Yes, I do know Mewtwo is Psychic, however what most of the people omit is that Mewtwo has an alternative shape referred to as Mega Mewtwo X, that has a secondary Fighting typing.

It has the very best Attack stat amongst all Pokemon and it makes Mewtwo the second one most powerful Pokemon of all time.

12. Tie: Grass & Rock

Grass is the weakest of the three Starter variety Pokemon and also are no longer very efficient in opposition to 7 varieties, together with Bug. But what provides it the next place is the truth that it may be paired with virtually some other variety.

A Grass variety Pokemon with a robust secondary variety can also be a useful asset to any teacher. Roserade is a Grass and Poison variety and has lovely prime stats. The well-known Generation I Venasaur can be lovely poisonous with it its Poison pairing.

Rock variety was once first made well-known by way of Brock. They are prone to 5 out of the 18 varieties – which is so much. But on the similar time, it is usually robust in opposition to 4 – Flying, Fire, Ice, and Bug varieties.

They are efficient with bodily strikes like Smack Down as noticed with Mega Tyranitar, who, let’s admit it, is lovely darn horrifying when it needs to be.

11. Tie: Poison & Bug

The actual reason why Poison isn’t decrease at the listing is that Poison variety Pokemon are immune to and powerful in opposition to Fairy, the most powerful form of Pokemon. Poison variety has some lovely badass Pokemon.

Take Eternatus for instance. Its secondary variety is Dragon, so clearly it is lovely robust. It has the very best base stat overall of some other Pokemon.

Bugs also are tremendous efficient in opposition to more potent varieties like Psychic and Dark. ButBugs aren’t very efficient in opposition to a complete 7 varieties. Some Bug-type Pokemon (Scyther and Scizor) are actually superb.

The downside is, the most powerful attacking Bug varieties are so as a result of they’ve robust secondary typings like Steel and Fairy.

10. Flying

Flying Pokemon have the very best reasonable pace out of all different varieties. As for his or her different stats, they’re tremendous balanced – they’re similarly efficient and no longer efficient in opposition to 3 kinds of Pokemon. They’re additionally clearly proof against Ground varieties.

The majority of this kind seem as a secondary typing in different Pokemon varieties, the most typical pairing being with Normal.


The notorious Mega Rayquaza is a Dragon and Flying variety, and everyone is aware of how overpowered its Dragon Ascent transfer can also be.

9. Ghost

Most different form of Pokemon (and running shoes) are terrified of ghosts and this offers Ghost varieties an added benefit. Their warring parties are already afraid earlier than the battle starts. Ghost varieties make for nice particular attackers.

But what makes Ghost varieties actually efficient is the truth that they’re utterly proof against Fighting and Normal kinds of Pokemon. Those are the most typical and abundantly encountered Pokemon, so simply bringing out Gengar or Giratina is a straightforward win.

8. Electric

On quantity 8 we have now Electric, with Pikachu repping the face of Pokemon itself. Known for its pace and particular assaults, the Electric variety can also be paired with nearly all of different Pokemon varieties to provide upward push to extremely robust twin variety Pokemon.

An instance of a real beast is Zekrom, a Dragon and Electric variety, who could also be a Legendary Pokemon. If an Electric variety could also be a Ground variety (like Stunfisk) it might probably eliminate the only weak point it has.

Additionally, if blended with a Water variety or Steel variety, they turn out to be two times as efficient, since they are each just right conductors of electrical energy.

7. Psychic

The Psychic variety was once an overpowered variety in Generation 1, quickly to get replaced by way of Dark within the subsequent technology. Psychic has been a fan favourite for the reason that very starting, when Alakazam first displays off its telekinesis at the spoon.

Psychic has essentially the most Legendary Pokemon, together with Mewtwo, the Eon Duo, and Lugia, in addition to the Lake Guardians, Necrozma, and Cresselia, who’re natural Psychic with out secondary typing.

Wobbuffet Village! | Pokémon: Johto League Champions | Official Clip

But they’ve no impact on Dark Pokemon, and also are prone to Steel and different Psychic Pokemon.

6. Steel

Nothing can beat Steel on the subject of protection. Even with a natural Steel typing, it might probably withstand 10 of the 18 varieties, the very best quantity amongst all different Pokemon varieties. If paired with Electric, this quantity will increase to 11. Steel varieties also are proof against Poison varieties.

But Steel variety Pokemon can also be gradual because of their dimension, and are vulnerable in opposition to Fire, Ground, and Fighting. If Steel varieties are paired with Fighting and Fairy mixture varieties, like Zamazenta and Zacian, they may be able to be actually reasonably robust.

5. Tie: Water & Ice

Water varieties are regularly agreed to be essentially the most flexible and adaptable Pokemon, regarded as a type of Jack of all trades, with balanced stats.

They’re a Starter variety at the side of Fire and Grass, and are one of the vital abundantly to be had varieties, discovered all through all levels and generations of the anime.

Ice is powerful in opposition to, immune to, and prone to 4 differing types. While this turns out balanced, it places Ice variety Pokemon in fairly of a slippery place right through combat.

Water varieties have simplest 2 weaknesses and too can use Ice strikes to withstand the Grass and Dragon varieties. They have massive selection too, and really hardly will you discover a staff with out a minimum of one Water variety Pokemon.

4. Fire

Awesome at offence and particular assaults, Fire variety Pokemon are in reality resistant in opposition to 6 varieties, together with, Fairy and Steel. Yes. They are in truth tremendous efficient in opposition to Steel, since hearth can soften steel.

Fire Pokemon are hella adorable (see: Charmander) and reasonably shocking to have a look at (Ninetales, Ponyta). But they may be able to be reasonably terrifying too.

Ninetales’ Lifespan- Just Waiting on a Friend (Excerpt)

Charizard’s Fire variety trade bureaucracy encompass Mega Charizard X and Y, who’re Dragon and Flying twin varieties respectively. It additionally boasts of a Gigantimax shape.

3. Dark

These unhealthy boys have been added in Gen II to it appears stability out the Psychic variety. They are proof against and tremendous efficient in opposition to Psychics and they’re basically utilized by the villains and antagonists. They are uncommon and can’t be simply tamed.

Surprisingly Dark is vulnerable in opposition to one of the vital weakest varieties – Bug. They can be overpowered by way of the Fairy variety, which can also be mentioned is the antithesis of Dark. Dark Pokemon are recognized for his or her assaults and cleverness.

The best possible mixture for Dark varieties could be with Ghost, like Mega Sableye, who had no weak point till Fairy was once presented.

2. Dragon

Long regarded as essentially the most tough Pokemon variety (smartly, till the top of Generation V), the Dragon variety boasts of prime ratings in offensive and defensive strikes, assault and particular assault. It additionally has essentially the most Legendary Pokemon, after the Psychic variety.

Numerous the most productive Pokemon are of the Dragon variety – have a look at Mega Rayquaza, Mega Charizard X, Dragonite, and Dragapult.

The Dragon typing right away upgrades a weaker variety, like Ground (Mega Garchomp), and Ice (Black and White Kyurem).

Since Steel varieties withstand them, a Dragon and Steel twin variety Pokemon like Gigantamax Duraludon is bold.

1. Fairy

The most powerful Pokemon form of all time is the Fairy variety, which was once presented in Generation VI. Fairy varieties are proof against the Dragon variety, which was once in the past regarded as the most powerful Pokemon variety.

They also are tremendous efficient in opposition to Dark varieties. Fairy is unquestionably OP.

The Fairy variety is the illustration of Light and Goodness. And Light at all times triumphs. Arceus can become a Fairy variety, and is thought of as the “the God of all Pokemon”. What’s attention-grabbing is Fairy varieties do not specifically appear to be Dragon-type-slayers.

They’re crimson, lovely, and adorable many of the instances, however do not let that lie to you. Fairy variety Pokemon take care of supernatural assaults that may be psychic in addition to bodily. They’re unquestionably to not be messed with.

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Pokémon was once first launched in 1996 and is about up in a global the place people catch monsters and retailer them in pocket-sized poke-balls.

They are creatures with an affinity to positive parts and a few superhuman skills associated with that component.

Revolving round a teenage boy Ash Ketchum, Pokémon takes us via his adventure to changing into essentially the most achieved Pokémon teacher the sector has ever noticed.

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