Top 15 Strongest Stand Users Of All Time In Anime, Ranked!

Can you consider what your soul power may appear to be if it had been made to manifest bodily?

This is an idea offered via the surreal and wonderful anime, JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure. The mastermind in the back of the manga, is Hirohiko Araki.

Stands are generated psychically via the characters within the sequence, each the heroes and the villains. Characters can channel their religious power within the type of their Stands, both as a part of them or another way.

Stand skills may also be relatively terrifying, magnificent, and mind-blowing. But you have to needless to say a Stand is best as sturdy as its person. Here are the highest 15 Stand customers in anime.

15. Ghiaccio – White Album

Ghiaccio is among the minor villains within the 5th tale arc of JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure.

He is a member of the hitman or execution crew La Squadra Esecuzioniwho locates and chases after protagonist Giorno Giovanna and her best friend Guido Mista.

Ghiaccio’s White Album Stand is a freezing abilitity that may flip water and limbs to ice and decrease temperatures to a deadly stage.

What’s uncommon about Ghiaccio Stand is that he is in a position to put on it as a go well with that may offer protection to him from all excluding best essentially the most tough assaults.

14. Josuke Higashikata – Soft & Wet, Crazy Diamond

Soft & Wet and Crazy Diamond are each beautiful helpful Stands however the person of those Stands – Josuke Higashikata does now not be capable to keep an eye on them fully.

Josuke suffers from retrograde amnesia – he has issues remembering his previous and who he’s.

Both his stands seem as humanoid bureaucracy and are each shut vary stands. Soft & Wet makes use of the ability and homes of bubbles together with absorption and lifting energy.

Crazy Diamond makes use of tremendous power in addition to tremendous velocity. Ultimately, with extra energy over his Stands, Josuke can climb the listing to perhaps the highest 8.

13. Domenico Pucci – Weather Report

Domenico Pucci is synonymous along with his Stand Weather Report. He is among the primary best friend characters within the 6th a part of the sequence, Stone Ocean. Weather could also be an amnesiac to begin with, not able to recall any recollections.

Weather can – you guessed it – keep an eye on the elements. He can vastly affect climate phenomena via manipulating atmospheric prerequisites.

He could make it rain 30 kilometers away and keep an eye on wind, clouds, humidity, and in addition oxygen and different gases to a couple stage.

Weather Report, after gaining his recollections, will get the facility of Heavy Weather which is an automated stand, affected now not via the person, however via the placement. He quickly turns into crushed via his recollections, and provides in to rage and sorrow.

12. Okuyasu – The Hand

The Hand is extensively regarded as to be a extremely fatal and robust Stand, most likely within the most sensible 4 most powerful Stands. Unfortunately, on account of the person than wields the Stand, brings it to quantity 12 on my listing.

The Hand can obliterate or erase the rest – together with area and truth. Okuyasu is not what you would name an clever man – he can not even totally envision the ability of his Stand. He is impulsive, immature, and indecisive.

The Hand could make the universe bodily smaller via sucking issues into the void. But with a person like Okuyasu, I would not be shocked if he winked himself out of life via mistake.

11. Risotto Nero – Metallica

Nero is the chief of the aforementioned La Squadra Esecuzioni, and one of the most primary antagonists within the Vento Aureo arc.

His Stand, Metallica, if truth be told contains of a military of small steel beings that are living inside him. They allow him to control iron in some other persona’s blood, in addition to within the earth, the usage of the homes of magnetism.

In one memorable scene, Nero transforms the iron inside of Doppio, the underboss’s blood, into sharp blades that tear him from inside.

While Nero is relatively professional with dealing with his Stand, there are others more potent than him.

10. Rohan – Heaven’s Door

Heaven’s Door is some other overpowered Stand on my listing which is not used to its complete skill (see: quantity 12).

Heaven’s Door can bodily flip folks into books. He could make pages out of folks’s frame portions, that give him written details about them, together with their recollections, and movements, previous and provide.

He can write down instructions into them and cause them to obey the ability of his phrase. In flip, he too can take away pages from their intellect, i.e., getting rid of explicit recollections.

But the Stand, despite the fact that objectively tough, is restricted on account of its person being unimaginative.

9. Vanilla Ice – Cream

It may now not sound it, however Vanilla Ice’s Stand Cream, is probably one of the tough Stands in JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure.

Cream can devour itself and its person right into a black-hole roughly void that may crumble and shipping the rest into some other size.

But the Stand’s portal is living in Vanilla Ice’s mouth; to enter Stand-mode, Ice will have to permit himself to be wolfed via Cream. This leaves him blind and not able to move.

He has to ceaselessly detach from himself to shuttle, leaving him in short prone to assault. Ice could also be rather absent-minded and may just make stronger his keep an eye on over his Stand.

8. Yoshikage Kira – Killer Queen

Yoshikage Kira is the primary villain in JoJo’s fourth tale arc, Diamond Is Unbreakable. Kira, as his identify suggests, is a killer, nearly psychopathic, with OCD and a abnormal hand fetish.

Killer Queen is Kira’s beefed up, humanoid stand, in a position to terminating folks and issues with focused bomb assaults. Not simply that, however he can if truth be told transmute them into bombs themselves, manipulating their explosive power inside.

Despite the Stand being just about indestructible, Kira does now not increase mastery over it. He is predicated an excessive amount of at the Stand’s inherent energy, leaving all war of words and struggle to Killer Queen.

7. Diavolo – King Crimson

Diavolo is the principle villain of the 5th tale arc, often referred to as the Boss. He could also be the trade character of Doppio.

Diavolo’s Stand is known as King Crimson, which is able to erase time for as much as ten seconds. His sub-Stand, Epitaph, permits him to look into the long run for a period of ten seconds.

He can foresee assaults or quit them from taking place in any respect via cancelling the time frame inside which they happen. If this energy turns out invincible – it’s; however in fact, within the sequence, Stand customers are as essential because the Stand itself.

Diavolo struggles with the previous. He is not able to fix mistakes in his personal previous, and nearly has a compulsive obsession about protecting his identification a secret and erasing himself from recognized historical past.

6. Dio Brando – The World

Dio is a outstanding persona with echoes thru all arcs of the display. He is the daddy of Giorno Giovanna, and the principle antagonist of the primary and 3rd tale arcs.

Dio in Italian way God, and it is true that Dio, who could also be a vampire, certainly has relatively the godlike Stand: The World.

The World has a large number of skills, however the primary one is keep an eye on through the years. He can quit time totally and inside that length transfer freely and end off his enemies.

However, for the reason that Stand must be consciously activated, he’s relatively powerless if taken via marvel. He additionally needs to be inside shut proximity to his goal since The World is an in depth vary Stand.

5. Jotaro Kujo – Star Platinum

Being the Stand of one of the most protagonists, Star Platinum is amazingly tough, even if it does not wield any particular skills.

It is most likely one of the most most sensible 3 bodily most powerful Stands in all the sequence, possessing power sufficient to drag out a jeep filled with folks from a canyon.

Star Platinum additionally boasts of superhuman senses and is as speedy as mild. Jotaro, in his struggle with Dio, realises his stand has the facility to prevent time like The World.

Star Platinum additionally possesses self-preservation characteristics of its personal, restarting Jotaro’s center and in addition protective him right through a time-stop assault via Dio.

4. Johnny Joestar – Tusk

Johnny Joestar is the 7th JoJo of the sequence and the protagonist of the 7th arc, Steel Ball Run. Johnny misplaced using his legs after he was once shot within the backbone.

He was once a talented jockey, and his paraplegia leaves him depressed with out having the ability to experience horses.

His Stand – Tusk – looks as if an axolotl and will provide itself in 4 actor or bureaucracy. Johnny makes use of the supernatural skill referred to as Spin, to make his nails develop and shoot at objectives.

Because of the prime spin, they’re additionally in a position to create wormholes in area. The Spin skill permits Tusk Act4 to entice an individual and their Stand to a hard and fast second in time and position, even in parallel dimensions.

But Johnny is stressed via guilt, melancholy, and under-confidence. If he exhibited extra keep an eye on, he may just simply be quantity upper at the listing.

3. Funny Valentine – Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap

The number one villain of Steel Ball Run, Funny Valentine, makes it to my most sensible 3.

Valentine is a militant patriot, and this nationalism for the United States is the guiding pressure of his movements and ideology. He is ruthless, manipulative, and really authoritative.

Valentine’s Stand has a protracted and distinctive identify – Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap, D4C for brief. This Stand grants Valentine loose get right of entry to to any trade size within the JoJo multiverse.

He can shuttle between those dimensions and cause them to exist in a single time and position, so he can bounce between them, permitting him to vanish and reappear anyplace right through a battle.

An advanced model of his stand – D4C Love Train – permits Valentine to deflect any misfortune that comes his approach and ship it in some other course.

Although Funny Valentine makes use of his Stand beautiful successfully, he has but to discover its complete doable.

2. Enrico Pucci – Made in Heaven

And we are all the way down to the highest 2. Enrico Pucci’s Stand, was once regarded as via Dio, the person of The World, as essentially the most tough Stand and the trail that ends up in Heaven.

Beside Made in Heaven, his final Stand, Pucci is also a person of 2 different Stands, Whitesnake and C-Moon.

Made in Heaven is so tough that time-stopping is solely its secondary skill. The major energy of this Stand lies in its skill to if truth be told reset the universe.

Pucci can create destiny – heard of that ahead of? He can put folks into a completely new global, precisely the place they are meant to be, and cause them to acutely aware of their fates and their limits.

Well, you’ll’t battle destiny.

1. Giorno Giovanna – Gold Experience-Requiem

Giorno Giovanna is the most powerful Stand person in JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure.

His Stand, Gold Experience Requiem, can negate or undo any motion, combating them from ever having came about. It can erase causality and create a brand new truth. This makes Giorno unimaginably sturdy.

GER additionally keeps the facility of its decrease shape – Gold Experience. It can generate existence itself, reworking inanimate or inorganic issues into residing creatures. For examples, he turns baggage to frogs, and pillars to scorpions.

Aside from his Stand, Giorno’s resolution and get to the bottom of additionally makes him very tough. I will be able to’t recall to mind any person who can beat Giorno and his Stand skill.

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