Top 15 Strongest Wind Users In Anime Ranked

On the skin, it sort of feels like wind powers are not that spectacular. What hurt can just a little gust of wind do, proper? Well, in fact, wind manipulation could be very nicely on par with the opposite elemental powers.

Don’t imagine me? Anime common sense apart, even in actual existence, tornadoes and storms are infamous for inflicting devastating harm.

Fire may be able to burn down apparently the whole lot in its trail, however a wind sharp and powerful sufficient can reduce the rest in its technique to shreds and items.

Despite each and every anime having its personal distinctive energy device, wind customers are found in just about each and every certainly one of them. I’ve to confess, narrowing down the listing to simply fifteen was once somewhat the problem.

Here are 15 of the best-ever most powerful wind customers in anime:

15. Mimi (D.Gray-man)

Of all of the Akuma Allen and the Black Order have encountered, Mimi, LuluBell’s ever-devoted servant, has stood out probably the most.

Mimi would possibly appear to be simply an extraordinary lovable maid however is the rest however.

Like many Akuma, Mimi too bought specialised skills and elemental powers upon attaining Level 2 from the evolution of the Dark Matter used to create her. Mimi’s elemental powers came about to be wind.

Unlike maximum Akuma, the demon maid is the one Level 3 Akuma to own 3 paperwork– her human shape, her dragon shape, and an intermediate shape, all of which might be simply as intimidating. Mimi’s 2d Akuma shape, an enormous robot dragon, shall we her manipulate wind the usage of her wings and is somewhat a terrifying sight.

Even so, I’m afraid as adorable as she is, Mimi’s powers do not dangle a candle to one of the others in this listing.

14. Negi Springfield aka The Thousand Master (Mahou Sensei Negima!)

In a global the place magic is corresponding to science and spells are extra like sophisticated rituals quite than easy magic phrases, younger Negi is a prodigy proper from the get-go.

Despite being simplest ten years outdated, Negi is immensely robust and clever and an overly proficient martial artist, swordsman, and spell-caster. It’s no wonder he surpasses his father, Nagi, incomes the similar identify as him via the top of the collection.

Negi has a in particular robust affinity for wind and lightning magic. His wind magic grants him higher pace and agility, which shall we him depart maximum of his fighters within the mud.

Negi’s best possible assault, Jupiter’s Lightning Storm, is a mix of wind and lightning magic that creates a wind vortex teeming with crackling lightning. Trust me, you would not need to be at the receiving finish of this one!

13. Fuu Hououji The Wind Knight (Magic Knight Rayearth)

Fuu Hououji, the calm highbrow of the Magic Knight trio, is not just a very good strategist but in addition a talented wind magic-user.

Upon being transported to the mystical realm of Cephiro, Fuu, Hikaru, and Umi had been granted powers via the Master Mage Clef, whose spell woke up the dormant magic in them. The trio later woke up the 3 Rune Gods, giving them a extra vital energy buff.

Fuu makes use of her magic essentially to heal, create defensive boundaries, and immobilize enemies, making her magic essentially defensive in nature.

Even so, Fuu does have an outstanding assault spell or two up her sleeve. Fuu’s most powerful assault, Emerald Cyclone, creates gusts of wind just about as sharp as blades. For a fourteen-year-old, Fuu Hououji is intimidating, to mention the least.

12. Grandmaster Howzer (Seven Deadly Sins)

Yes, you learn that proper. Howzer, certainly one of our favourite Great Holy Knights, was once appointed because the Grandmaster of the Holy Knights in Season 4.

As befits the recognition of a Great Holy Knight, Howzer is the rest however susceptible. Like many within the Seven Deadly Sins universe, Howzer possesses a capability– a paranormal energy whose supply is alleged to be the consumer’s ideals, will, and enjoy.

Howzer’s skill, Tempest, lets in him to create deadly whirlwinds and vortexes of air whose magnitude can rival exact tornadoes.

His signature transfer Rising Tornado, can tear an opponent’s limbs off or ship them flying, whilst Super Cyclone may also suffocate an opponent trapped in it.

Although his skill would possibly light compared to his fellow knight and rival Gilthunder, Howzer nonetheless has completed a number of spectacular feats incomes him a hard-earned spot in this listing.

11. Margaret Mitchell (Bungou Stray Dogs)

Margaret Mitchell is a member of the mysterious group referred to as the Guild– a North American secret society of Ability customers. All Guild participants possess outstanding Abilities, and Margaret Mitchell is not any exception.

Abilities are particular powers held via a make a choice few the world over of Bungo Stray Dogs. These particular powers are stated to be powered via the consumer’s will and soul.

Margaret’s Ability, Gone With The Wind, is somewhat other from different wind customers within the sense that it lets in her to climate topic the usage of her winds– even human beings if her threats to mummify individuals are to be taken critically.

Although her winds may not be razor-sharp and absence the similar uncooked energy as different wind customers, Margaret’s skill remains to be extremely damaging in its personal proper and to not be taken evenly.

10. Kagura (Inuyasha)

I’m the wind. One day, I will probably be loose!

Kagura is a wind sorceress created the usage of Naraku’s flesh, making her Naraku’s 2d incarnation. Being a yokai, Kagura will get her powers from yōki, the demonic power which is the supply of each and every demon’s powers in Inuyasha.

Kagura’s skill to control wind depends on her the usage of a fan, just like Temari from Naruto.

Long-range and airborne assaults are rendered unnecessary in opposition to Kagura, whose flexible offense is solely as robust in shut quarters and long-range struggle. Using her fan, Kagura can summon robust gusts of wind, more than one tornadoes, and crescent-shaped wind-blades that may pierce just about the rest.

Kagura’s most powerful assault, Dance of the Dragon, summons a number of tornadoes in a position to flinging her fighters into the air, ripping them to items.

Unlike different wind customers, Kagura additionally has the eerie skill to reanimate and keep watch over corpses like puppets with a easy wave from her fan.

9. Inasa Yoarashi aka Gale Force (My Hero Academia)

The international of My Hero Academia facilities round quirks– superhuman skills held via many who fluctuate from elementary elemental powers to ones past your wildest creativeness.

Inasa Yoarashi possesses the quirk Whirlwind, which permits him to generate and keep watch over tough gusts of wind and tornadoes. He makes use of his quirk for a large number of items, be it offense, protection, transportation, or rescue missions.

Inasa Yoarashi’s Power

Yoarashi has additionally displayed spectacular fantastic keep watch over over his quirk right through the Provisional Hero License Exam. He was once in a position to keep watch over more than one whirlwinds concurrently to transport particles and delivery folks.

It comes as no wonder that the serious Shiketsu High first-year was once additionally the highest candidate to be admitted thru suggestions to U.A. sooner than he withdrew his utility.

8. Kazuma Yagami the Grim Reaper (Kaze no Stigma)

The energy device of Kaze no Stigma revolves across the other magical arts of fireside, water, wind, and earth, and the spirit arts, which may also be break up into 4 other parts. Kazuma, specifically, excels within the wind arts or Fūjutsu.

After being scorned and banished via his father, Kazuma, the inheritor of the Kannagi circle of relatives, returned 4 years later as a grasp wind-manipulator, having made a freelance with the Spirit King of the Wind.

Much like different wind customers, Kazuma can create sharp blade-like gusts of wind, tornadoes, wind boundaries, and flight. But that is the place the similarities forestall. Kazuma has the original skill to create a barrier that grants him invisibility. He too can redirect an opponent’s assaults and monitor them via sensing their bodily and non secular power.

Kazuma can invoke his contract at any level, which amplifies his powers via drawing upon all wind spirits within the environment and grants him the power to heal his accidents. Kazuma is at his most powerful on this state of affairs and at least an invincible drive of nature.

7. Wamuu (JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure)

The international of JJBA and the original powers that exist inside it have a few power resources just like the Ripple, Stands, and Spin. Pillar Men like Wamuu, then again, stand except for the remaining since their powers originate from their skill to freely keep watch over and bodily morph and change their our bodies.

Other than being Joseph’s rival, Wammu may be a talented wind consumer. Using what he calls Wind Mode, Wammu can create razor-sharp winds, which he blows out of his personal frame. He too can create huge, damaging windstorms simply via spinning his forearms.

By coating himself in a Wind Suit, Wammu can render himself invisible(and offer protection to himself from the solar!), permitting him to take his fighters via wonder. Wammu too can compress broad quantities of air in his lungs, which he then releases like a razor-sharp blade thru his horn.

The Pillar Man warrior additionally possesses a love for struggle, superhuman power, and his signature feature, his combating genius.

6. Jin (Yu Yu Hakusho)

Don’t get all big-eyed. Any assault has to go back and forth thru air to get to me, proper? I keep watch over the air, so chances are you’ll as nicely hand ’em over and say, ‘Do no matter ya’ need with ’em, Jin!’

Like the remainder of the Shinobi of Spirit World, Jin too possesses elemental powers, his being air and wind manipulation. Like many yokai, Jin’s skills are powered via Demon Energy– one of the vital more than one sorts of power in Yu Yu Hakusho.

The up-beat yokai essentially makes use of his wind manipulation powers to enhance his punches with tornadoes, making him a perilous melee opponent. One of Jin’s most powerful assaults, Tornado Fist Explosion, was once tough sufficient to quickly knock out even probably the most tough S-Class demons.

Jin too can create wind boundaries and is in a position to flight at wind pace. By the Makai Tournament, he additionally perfects extra flexible, long-range assaults.

5. Danzo The Shinobi Of Darkness (Naruto Shippuden)

Shinobi on this planet of Naruto make the most of chakra– a kind of religious and bodily power corresponding to lifeforce and manipulate it the usage of strategies like hand seals to accomplish jutsus. The nature of 1’s chakra may also be molded to take the type of more than a few parts, akin to wind.

The Third Hokage’s largest rival, Danzo, is definitely a Kage-level shinobi himself who has mastered Wind Release.

Danzo’s maximum noteworthy assaults come with capturing stone-piercing wind bullets and his skill to enhance easy kunai and shuriken with wind-infused chakra to create deadly guns.

Danzo too can summon Baku, a beast fabled to eat desires and nightmares. Baku’s suction skill compliments and amplifies Danzo’s Wind Release, even permitting him to wreck thru Sasuke’s Susanoo with a unmarried hit.

4. Naruto Uzumaki The Hero Of The Hidden Leaf (Naruto Shippuden)

The simplest factor that may stay a fireplace from loss of life and provides it extra energy is wind.

Naruto Uzumaki will not be recognized most important for his wind-style jutsus. Even so, his herbal affinity for Wind Release is not possible to forget about. The Rasengan and the Rasenshuriken are two of Naruto’s signature wind-style assaults and are each and every spectacular in their very own proper.

Naruto Vs Kakuzu

While the Rasengan is not anything to scoff at, its counterpart– the Rasenshuriken, an assault Naruto himself invented– can pierce each and every cellular within the frame, inflicting irreparable harm to the opponent’s skill to make use of chakra. Once the assault detonates, the opponent is barraged via a large number of microscopic wind-blades that now not even the Sharingan can rely.

When it involves natural damaging energy, Naruto’s Wind Release takes the cake. While in Kurama Mode, Naruto has the power to motive large-scale devastation along with his Tailed-Beast Planetary Rasenshuriken– arguably his most powerful assault. Supported via his shadow clones, Naruto has used each the Rasengan and the Rasenshuriken more than one occasions in a brief span of time.

3. Sherria Blendy (Fairy Tail)

The energy device in Fairy Tail is pushed via the easy phenomenon of magic energy. Magic itself consists of debris known as Ethernano, of which each and every wizard has other, refillable reserves, figuring out the level in their magical powers.

Sherria Blendy is the ultimate wizard you would need to underestimate regardless of her purple hair and lovable look. The Lamia Scale wizard possesses Sky God-Slayer magic just about on par together with her rival-turned-friend Wendy Marvell.

Sherria’s assaults essentially include whirlwinds and black currents of air. She too can use a breath assault very similar to Dragon Slayer magic, refill her magic via consuming air, heal herself and others, and coat her kicks and punches together with her magic.

Sherria’s most powerful assault, Heavenly Gathering of Clouds, shoots an enormous, serpentine, spiraling present of black wind and feathers in opposition to her opponent.

As the identify of her magic implies, Sherria’s magic, if honed, has the possible to defeat a god. After unlocking her Third Origin, Sherria defeated Dimaria, a member of the Spriggan 12, and the vessel of Chronos, the God of Time.

2. Wendy Marvell (Fairy Tail)

My process is to give a boost to everybody however… when I’ve to battle… I change into the Sky Dragon!

Wendy Marvell possesses Sky Dragon Slayer Magic which permits her to devour air, heal others’ accidents and assault with wind assaults that mimic a real dragon’s.

The unassuming Dragon-slayer’s assaults are flexible, just like different Dragon-slayers within the collection. Her assaults come with wind slices that mimic talon slashes, a breath assault very similar to a dragon roar, and a barrage of crisscrossing wind slashes that mimic a wing assault.

One of Wendy’s most powerful assaults, Shattering Light: Sky Drill, traps her opponent in a wind barrier sooner than knocking them off their toes with an enormous pillar of sparkling wind.

After achieving Dragon Force, Wendy’s pace and reflexes skyrocketed, and she or he was once in a position to single-handedly defeat Ezel, one of the vital Nine Demon Gates of Zeref. During the battle, the Fairy Tail wizard was once in a position to fill all the cavern with whirlwinds or even controlled to shatter certainly one of Ezel’s blades together with her wind magic on my own.

1. Yuno (Black Clover)

Yuno is the most powerful anime wind consumer. He possesses immense magic energy and was once a talented mage even sooner than receiving a grimoire. Yuno is talented at offense, protection, and give a boost to, with a variety of spells at his disposal. He additionally has a freelance with Sylph, the Wind Spirit, who additional will increase his magical features.

Magic powers in Black Clover are fueled via Mana which exists in nature and inside folks which can be utilized to forged spells. Mana inside mages takes the type of a particular part or some spinoff of the 4 primary parts and is referred to as a paranormal characteristic.

Yuno’s magic takes the type of wind and is extremely flexible. Besides tornadoes and whirlwinds of various sizes, he too can create broad wind arrows, an enormous wind trident, a crescent-shaped wind-blade, a wind-hawk, and a bath of knife-like wind-blades.

He too can use whirlwinds to move himself and others, enhance his frame with wind magic, the usage of Mana Skin and manipulate all of the Mana round him the usage of Mana Zone.

Once he assimilates with Sylph, Yuno positive factors the power to make use of even broad, mana-concentrated assaults and the power to sense and evade light-speed assaults.

Monkey D. Dragon (One Piece)

Even even though Dragon’s power has simplest been implied, this listing would not be whole with no point out of the ‘World’s Worst Criminal.’ 

The head of the revolutionaries, Monkey D. Dragon, is somewhat an enigma even just about 1000 episodes into the collection. Although he hasn’t published the real extent of his powers simply but, it is glaring from his few cameos that the person is the rest however susceptible.

Powers in One Piece are pushed essentially via two components: Devil Fruits– which each and every come up with a singular energy upon consuming them in change for doing away with your skill to swim, and Haki– the newly offered energy fueled via one’s religious power. Haki can be utilized to sense and are expecting an opponent’s movements, enhance one’s frame with an armor of non secular power, or even impose one’s will on others.

Fans have speculated Dragon may just possess a wind or hurricane devil-fruit in response to how his winds just about swept away all of Loguetown and the flash of lightning that stored Luffy on the time.

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