Top 30 One Piece Moments of All Time! Ranked from Worst to Best!

One Piece has over 2 a long time of content material, and it nonetheless has such a lot of moments that I will be able to recount as though I had simply learn/watched them.

It’s the moments, the little scenes, that create the biggest affect, that remaining in our reminiscences the longest.

Moments from time to time act as catalysts in plot building and persona enlargement, from time to time foreshadowing essential occasions, or just proving why we are fanatics within the first position.

There are such a lot of mythical scenes to make a choice from, however I’ve compiled a listing of the highest 30. Here is the primary a part of my most sensible moments in One Piece.

30. Chopper seeing the cherry blossoms bloom sooner than leaving Drum Kingdom

Impact on Audience – 7/10

Impact on Story – 4/10

Emotional Depth – 7/10

Intensity – 6/10

Rewatch Value – 8/10

Total Score – 32/50

Episode – 90

Chapter – 152-153

Arc – Drum Island Arc

Chopper, you’ll be able to make a superb physician. I ensure it!

–Dr. Hiluluk/Chopper’s dad

The Drum Island arc is lovely underrated seeing the way it was once the primary time Gol D. Roger and the Will of D. had been published to us.

But essentially the most impactful scene within the arc is the revelation of Chopper’s backstory and the “purple blizzard” that appears like Sakura flora.

The tale unfolds like that of Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer, the place Chopper the reindeer is ostracized for having a blue nostril.

He tells Luffy that he can’t sign up for his staff as a result of he’s a monster, however Luffy actually tells him to close up. Kureha, Chopper’s mother, desires to present him a right kind send-off, and inadvertently making Hiluluk’s dream come true.

When Kureha fires canons to bid Chopper farewell, the cannon-balls make Drum Mountain seem like a Sakura tree, and the ash like its petals.

Watching Chopper with tears streaming down his face, his father’s dream coming to fruition, is sufficient to make any One Piece fan a crying mess.

29. Straw Hats mix their powers to defeat Oars on Thriller Bark

Impact on Audience – 8/10

Impact on Story – 4/10

Emotional Depth – 5.5/10

Intensity – 9/10

Rewatch Value – 7/10

Total Score – 33.5/50

Episode – 372

Chapter – 479

Arc – Thriller Bark Arc

Hey large! What do you assume you might be crushing?


The Thriller Bark arc is an incredible mix of spooky Shonen, the place the Straw Hats struggle zombies on a ship-eating ghost deliver.

Gecko Moria resurrects Oars “the Continent-Puller”, who turns into essentially the most tough zombie among his 900-zombie military.

Oars is so tough that he can’t be defeated at the sole would possibly of 1 staff member. In an incredible scene of Straw Hat-teamwork, we see Usopp, Zoro, Franky, Chopper, Sanji, Nami, Robin, Brook, and Luffy come in combination to defeat the large.

Every staff member will get an opportunity to polish – for instance, Franky and Usopp fantastically use the Thriller Bark’s pipes to unharness a blast of chilly wind and freeze Oars’ legs. We see simply how appropriate the entire Straw Hats are with every different.

28. Luffy ringing the Shandorian Golden Bell

Impact on Audience – 9/10

Impact on Story – 6/10

Emotional Depth – 8/10

Intensity – 5/10

Rewatch Value – 7/10

Total Score – 35/50

Episode – 193

Chapter – 299

Arc – Skypiea Arc

Let them pay attention it! Ossan… The City of Gold is right here!


“For 400 years, the City of Gold has been within the sky!” Oh, guy, what a second. Luffy defeats Enel, the tyrannical “God” of Skypiea and actually punches him so arduous that he slams into the Shandorian Golden Belfry Bell.

Mont Blanc Noland heard the music from the Bell centuries in the past and that was once how he discovered Shandora. But when the island was once knocked up into the sky, no person may just in finding the City of Gold and Noland was once completed by means of King Lvneel.

Luffy ringing the bell erases the popularity of Noland being a liar, and his descendants are given evidence that the golden town does in reality exist and that Noland had all the time been telling the reality.

The scene is symbolic as a result of the sound of the bell acts as a medium of hope to other folks all the world over, and that the reality will all the time triumph. 

27. Crocodile saving Luffy and Jinbei from Akainu

Impact on Audience – 6/10

Impact on Story – 9/10

Emotional Depth – 7/10

Intensity – 5.5/10

Rewatch Value – 8/10

Total Score – 35.5/50

Episode – 487

Chapter – 578

Arc – Marineford Arc

You gotta give protection to the only you wanna give protection to!


A large number of other folks, together with Sengoku, had been at a loss for words by means of the pairing of Crocodile and Luffy as a result of Crocodile had prior to now been probably the most antagonists that the Straw Hats had confronted.

He aspects with Whitebeard too, whom he had sought after to defeat, and likewise declines Doflamingo’s be offering.

When Akainu assaults Luffy along with his Magma Fist, and Jinbei tries to give protection to him. Just as Akainu is set to complete either one of them off, the remaining particular person we think to forestall him – Crocodile – dares to intercept.

Crocodile is an excellent persona – he is not all dangerous, now not all just right. He would moderately lend a hand an enemy pirate than crew up with the Marines.

This second is essential as a result of we see that there are some villains which can be larger and badder than others.

26. Sabo and Luffy’s assembly

Impact on Audience – 8/10

Impact on Story – 5/10

Emotional Depth – 9/10

Intensity – 7/10

Rewatch Value – 7/10

Total Score – 36/50

Episode – 738

Chapter – 794-795

Arc – Dressrosa Arc

You assume I will be able to’t inform me brother’s face simply because he is in hide?


This scene is if truth be told emotional as a result of Luffy has simply misplaced Ace. When Sabo unearths himself to Luffy, he is aware of that he’s now not on my own, that he nonetheless has circle of relatives.

In the Colosseum Battle, Luffy has to struggle the Shichibukai to save lots of Law, so Sabo confronts him and tells him that he would take Ace’s Devil Fruit as a substitute.

Although Luffy is in his hide, Sabo straight away acknowledges Luffy and calls him brother.

“The simplest individuals who name me “brother” are the past due Ace and … the fellow who died…” Luffy starts bawling and to start with cannot imagine who he’s seeing in entrance of him.

The second is bittersweet since we’re reminded of ways Luffy misplaced one brother however are hopeful and happy that he nonetheless has some other.

25. Chopper the use of Monster Point for the primary time

Impact on Audience – 6/10

Impact on Story – 6.5/10

Emotional Depth – 9/10

Intensity – 8/10

Rewatch Value – 7/10

Total Score – 36.5/50

Episode – 290

Chapter – 406-407

Arc – Enies Lobby Arc

Everyone Stay Away! I’m about to lose regulate!


Chopper activating his Monster Point for the primary time is technically the primary time we see a Zoan Devil Fruit Awakening.

Although it will not be a real or herbal awakening, it unquestionably is a man-made one, the place Chopper, being a physician, manages to instigate an advanced type of his Devil Fruit by means of drinking 3 Rumble Balls.

He completely loses his senses, and does not care about someone or anything else – a real monster. He turns into so large that he even dwarfs the inhumanly tall Kuma and Kumadori.

The second is superior as a result of Chopper is actually being crushed dangerous by means of Kumadori and seems like he’s about to die. Chopper experiments by means of eating extra Rumble Balls than he ever has in this kind of brief time period.

It’s ironic as a result of Chopper have been ostracized for being a “monster” in his formative years, however that is the primary time that he really turns into one.

24. Blackbeard’s Speech in Mock Town

Impact on Audience – 8/10

Impact on Story – 6/10

Emotional Depth – 8/10

Intensity – 7/10

Rewatch Value – 8/10

Total Score – 37/50

Episode – 146

Chapter – 223

Arc – Jaya Arc

A person’s dream… won’t ever die!

Marshall D. Teach

This scene is vintage Oda – introducing probably the most collection’ worst villains with a speech that makes us low-key love him.

It offers us the whole thing that we want to learn about him, even supposing it is only later that we notice how his phrases can tackle a darker which means.

He principally tells Luffy that folks’s goals by no means finish, that if he sought to visit the Pirate Summit, he must struggle his approach to it.

He comes throughout as a rambling drunkard with an incredibly inspiring concept to provide to our protagonist – to by no means surrender your dream.

This second presentations us how Blackbeard and Luffy are two aspects of the similar coin – they each have a dream that they are going to by no means relinquish, however whilst Blackbeard would kill someone who is available in his means – together with his personal staff – Luffy will all the time put his buddies and the blameless above himself.

23. Luffy wearing Nami and Sanji up the Mountain

Impact on Audience – 8/10

Impact on Story – 7/10

Emotional Depth – 9/10

Intensity – 7/10

Rewatch Value – 7/10

Total Score – 38/50

Episode – 83

Chapter – 138

Arc – Drum Island Arc

Hang on, we are nearly there… Don’t die on me!


This is a kind of moments when the target market and readers are given a glimpse of why Luffy is actually the protagonist.

He scales an almost-vertical mountain barefooted, with two of his buddies tied to his frame, in a raging snow snowstorm.

Nami and Sanji are gravely injured and naturally Luffy would do anything else to save lots of him. His intention is to hold either one of them up the impossibly top mountain to Drum Castle, to the physician that is living there.

Luffy is bloody and bruised and it takes all he is were given to present his buddies the most efficient probability they have got to live on.

22. Clash of the Roger Pirates vs. Whitebeard Pirates

Impact on Audience – 9/10

Impact on Story – 8/10

Emotional Depth – 5/10

Intensity – 9/10

Rewatch Value – 8/10

Total Score – 39/50

Episode – 966

Chapter – 966

Arc – Wano Country Arc

Whitebeard, huh? It’s been some time!

Gol D. Roger

The standoff between the 2 maximum tough pirate crews of the time – the Roger Pirates and the Whitebeard Pirates! Watching legends struggle is a unique excitement altogether. It was once epic, humorous, and unquestionably badass.

The struggle lasted for three days and three nights, the place we witness Marco pass up in opposition to Rayleigh and Oden seeking to pillage the Rogers however failing miserably. Rogers makes use of one thing known as Divine Departure which accurately slams Oden thru a number of bushes.

Roger and Whitebeard additionally pass toe-to-toe and we will see simply how tough those beasts are – struggling with every different with out their swords even touching. It’s obvious that they’re opponents however appreciate every different.

It’s additionally exciting as a viewer to observe how identical Roger is to Luffy – or the opposite direction round – and will get us considering of Luffy as Pirate King.

21. Luffy defeating Bellamy – two times!

Impact on Audience – 8/10

Impact on Story – 8/10

Emotional Depth – 8/10

Intensity – 8/10

Rewatch Value – 8/10

Total Score – 40/50

Episode – 151 and 720

Chapter – 232 and 779

Arc – Jaya Arc and Dressrosa Arc

I do know now, that I admired the improper guy. And how pathetic I’m!


Luffy defeating Bellamy with a unmarried punch has were given to be some of the pleasant moments in One Piece. I imply correct after him punching the Celestial Dragon (that one is upper on my checklist – take a look at my subsequent publish!)

When Luffy straight-up punches any individual, it is extra about fury than revenge or saving any individual.

The first time he punches him, he’s legitimately frustrated by means of Bellamy and reveals him and his males deplorable, how they attacked Cricket and his staff and stole the entire gold.

The 2d time Luffy additionally defeats Bellamy with a unmarried punch, however the feelings are other. Luffy remains to be livid, however this time with Doflamingo.

We can see Luffy hardening his fist thru complicated Armament Haki and he lands a Gear Two punch on Bellamy, defeating him as soon as once more.

It’s touching how after Bellamy is defeated, he’s thankful that Luffy known as him his pal. He realizes that he has been hero-worshipping the improper man – it is Luffy he must had been having a look as much as.  

20. Sanji defeating Queen

Impact on Audience – 8/10

Impact on Story – 8.5/10

Emotional Depth – 8/10

Intensity – 7/10

Rewatch Value – 9/10

Total Score – 40.5/50

Chapter – 1035

Arc – Wano Country Arc

Get out of my sight!


The Sanji vs. Queen struggle started in bankruptcy 1015, and 20 chapters later, we in any case get what now we have all been looking forward to.

We see now not simply how superior Sanji’s Germa 66 tech actually is, however how his frame evolves and develops on account of the adjustments with each and every considered one of Queen’s assaults.

Eventually, Sanji eliminates the Raid Suit fully and comes to a decision to make use of the ability of his converting frame.

The energy that had goodbye been latent inside Sanji, comes out in a fury in opposition to Queen. Sanji does not simply hate Queen, he hates the whole thing that he’s and the whole thing that he stands for.

Sanji combines his genetic adjustments with Haki to create Ifrit Jambe – a sophisticated type of his Diable Jambe methodology. With Boeuf Burst, he sends Queen flying off Onigashima island. 

19. Luffy’s Execution

Impact on Audience – 9/10

Impact on Story – 9/10

Emotional Depth – 7/10

Intensity – 7/10

Rewatch Value – 9/10

Total Score – 41/50

Episode – 52

Chapter – 99

Arc – Loguetown Arc

I’m… useless!


So iconic. Even extra so, as a result of this scene first got here out in 1999. But there are extra explanation why this scene is so superb aside from the truth that Luffy escapes unscathed.

First of all, the platform that Luffy is set to be completed on, is identical one the place Gol D. Roger was once completed 22 years in the past.

Buggy has Luffy correct the place he desires him, however Luffy has an enormous grin on his face. Lightning moves the platform and it collapses, with Buggy electrocuted and Luffy unhurt. He laughs and choices up his Straw Hat like the actual hero he’s.

The lightning wasn’t simply success. It was once in truth Luffy dad, Monkey D. Dragon, the “hurricane of destiny”, that saves him. Another cool truth about this scene is that Bartolomeo, the present captain of the second one deliver of the Straw Hat Grand Fleet, is correct there within the crowd.

Just to look the protagonist nearly die 50 episodes into the collection was once loopy to observe as a child. The indisputable fact that his dad saves him, simply tops it off for me.

18. Zoro defeating King

Impact on Audience – 8/10

Impact on Story – 9.5/10

Emotional Depth – 8/10

Intensity – 8/10

Rewatch Value – 8/10

Total Score – 41.5/50

Chapter – 1036

Arc – Wano Country Arc

I can turn out to be… the King of Hell!


Just a bankruptcy when we get the defeat of Queen the Plague, Oda offers us some other provide: the triumph of our boy Zoro over Kaido’s right-hand-man, King the Conflagration.

It’s now not simply by means of power that Zoro conquers King, however by means of his will. Zoro makes use of Conqueror’s Haki along with his swords, to take King down.

It is his staying power, his choice, and his strength of mind that will get King finally. Of path, his sword methodology isn’t any shaggy dog story – Zoro makes use of a brand new transfer known as King of Hell Three Sword Dragon option to land his ultimate blow on King.

Zoro proves, like he has a couple of instances sooner than, that he’s worthy of being Luffy’s first mate. This is one struggle I certain may not be getting over quickly.

17. The Rumbar Pirates’ Last Concert

Impact on Audience – 10/10

Impact on Story – 6/10

Emotional Depth – 10/10

Intensity – 8/10

Rewatch Value – 8/10

Total Score – 42/50

Episode – 380

Chapter – 487

Arc – Thriller Bark Arc

Ah! If it is this music, then all of us can sign up for in!

Charlotte Lola

All One Piece fanatics know of “that music” – Binks’ Sake! It’s published to us as a part of Brook’s flashback – it is the music he hums, and performs at the piano and violin.

The Rumbar Pirates know complete smartly that it’s their remaining adventure, they usually finish it in music. The temper is what makes the instant so memorable.

It had maximum folks in tears, particularly after figuring out Brook’s backstory. The remaining verse has a line that claims “Waving our goodbyes, we’re going to by no means meet once more,” which is heartbreaking as a result of within the scene, this is when lots of the Rumbar staff begins collapsing.

Brook is the one one alive by means of the top of it, and he resolves to stay his promise and go back to Laboon.

The unique venture of the Rumbar Pirates was once to carry track and pleasure to kids, and in that episode they really do.

16. Luffy defeating Katakuri

Impact on Audience – 8/10

Impact on Story – 10/10

Emotional Depth – 5.5/10

Intensity – 9/10

Rewatch Value – 10/10

Total Score – 42.5/50

Episode – 870

Chapter – 895

Arc – Whole Cake Island Arc

I’ll turn out to be the King of the Pirates!


I actually like this second now not simply because that is the primary time Luffy defeats a Yonko however since the target market reveals in Katakuri a villain deserving appreciate. Katakuri lives by means of his personal set of rules.

When Flambe interferes of their 1v1, Katakuri will get frustrated and stabs himself so he’s as injured as Luffy.

Seeing tiny little Luffy up in opposition to the giant-ass Katakuri is exciting in itself. Luffy actually amps up his energy for this struggle.

This is the primary time we’re offered to complicated Observation Haki – the facility of having a look a couple of seconds into the longer term.

The conflict of Haki presentations us the ability of Conqueror’s, Armament, in addition to Observation Haki – we even see Luffy pass into a brand new type of Gear Fourth known as Snakebite.

Luffy fights for himself, his personal ideologies and ambitions as a substitute of for any individual else.

Right on the finish, Katakuri walks as much as him and asks him if he’s going to go back to struggle Big Mom head-on, to which Luffy replies that he unquestionably will, as a result of defeating the Yonkos is the one approach to turn out to be the Pirate King.

One Piece is a Japanese manga collection written and illustrated by means of Eiichiro Oda. It has been serialized in Shueisha’s Weekly Shōnen Jump mag since July 22, 1997.

The guy who had obtained the whole thing on this international, the Pirate King, is Gol D. Roger. The ultimate phrases he mentioned on the execution tower had been “My treasures? If you need it, I’ll mean you can have it. Look for it; I left it all at that position.” These phrases despatched many to the seas, chasing their goals, headed towards the Grand Line, searching for One Piece. Thus started a brand new age!

Seeking to be the best pirate on the earth, younger Monkey D. Luffy additionally heads towards the Grand Line searching for One Piece. His numerous staff is becoming a member of him alongside the way in which, consisting of a swordsman, marksman, navigator, prepare dinner, physician, archaeologist, and cyborg-shipwright, this might be one memorable journey.

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