What are Butterflies in Peacemaker? Episode 3 finishing explored

Peacemaker’s 3rd episode ended on an enormous cliffhanger with the advent of creatures referred to as Butterflies. Here’s what we find out about them to this point.

So, what are the Butterflies? Bear in intellect that this newsletter accommodates spoilers for episode 3.

Episode 3 ‘Better Goff Dead’ ended with the tease of Project Butterfly and “suspected butterflies” which are all around the globe.

The Butterflies seem to be some varieties of creatures that experience mind-controlling talents and use human beings as their hosts.

The 3rd episode displays that Peacemaker and Harcourt watch over Butterfly members of the family who devour their soup with their proboscis in a similar fashion to a butterfly’s proboscis.

While it is unknown who’s at the back of them, huge bugs reside within the creatures’ heads which were purported to act as “transmitters” between the bugs and the human our bodies.

Peacemaker‘s Butterflies seem to be characters from the mastermind of James Gunn and don’t seem to have direct hyperlink to the comics.

However, they will had been in part impressed by means of DC comics as there are a number of characters with mind-controlling talents.

We have Mister Mind, who gave the impression in gave the impression in 1943’s Captain Marvel Adventures #22 and Doctor Psycho from the 1943 Wonder Woman #5.

There could also be Insect Queen, Superman’s love hobby Lana Lang, who can regulate bugs.

Introduced in Superman #671, she had the masterplan to rule over the sector along with her energy which ties in with the storyline in Peacemaker.

Peacemaker lovers have taken to other platforms similar to Twitter to proportion their theories in regards to the creatures.

“Just a sense, however may Mr. Mind from Shazam be at the back of the butterflies?” speculated one viewer.

Another one wrote: “Third episode jogs my memory of #AgentsOfShield With the entire butterfly factor.”

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