What does Attack on Titan’s Ending Mean? Did Eren change into a Bird?

It’s onerous to imagine that Attack on Titan is coming to an finish after 8 lengthy years. It simplest gave the impression of the day gone by when Eren cursed his life inside the partitions and needed to be loose just like the birds flying overhead.

As Episode 80 made anime historical past with Eren formally beginning the feared Rumbling, manga readers comprehend it’s simplest the start of the wild journey forward.

While the manga lived as much as the hype after Eren declared warfare, its finishing has the fandom locked in a unending debate concerning the destiny of its major persona.

So what concerning the finishing led to a perfect divide within the fandom?

The previous few panels of Chapter 139 see a chook wrapping Mikasa’s shawl round her the similar manner Eren did, hinting on the principle of our anti-hero’s rebirth as that chook.

But does the speculation grasp any advantage? Was Eren reborn as a chook?

Eren’s reincarnation has but to obtain any affirmation. But since Isayama’s inspiration for the tale used to be humanity’s irrepressible eager for freedom, the chook is supposed to characterize Eren in any case being loose after years of bondage.

This web page comprises spoilers from Attack on Titan .

The ever-popular ‘Bird Theory’ speculates that Eren is reincarnated as a Parasitic Jaeger, a chook that is local to the tundra of Europe, Asia, and North America.

In addition to creating common appearances all over the anime and manga, the chook’s mannerisms may also be matched to Eren’s nature and pressure for freedom.

The first and most blatant similarity is the identify ‘Jaeger.’ While lets forestall there, the German phrase it’s derived from – Jäger, that means hunter, additional cements its ties to Eren since it may be connected to his lifelong hunt to be loose.

Next comes the chook’s behavioral trait of Kleptoparasitism, a complicated phrase for its routine feeding apply of robbing the encircling chook species in their meals.

They forestall at not anything to get a meal, despite the fact that it method chasing the opposite birds to the purpose of exhaustion in order that they drop their catch.

Notice how their fastened resolution to thieve mirrors Eren’s thirst for freedom and want for retribution will have to or not it’s infringed.

Although he stored his pals and his house in any case, he nonetheless used them as pawns in his grand plan. He even admitted that he by no means held again all the way through their ultimate struggle.

Another juicy titbit of the Parasitic Jaeger, is that it steadily objectives the Seagull. Now, the place have we noticed Seagulls within the AOT universe? Right subsequent to Armin in Chapter 131. Coincidence? I feel no longer!

Seagulls are related to conversation and neighborhood, which may be a obvious similarity to Armin’s peace-making nature and standard technique of ‘speaking it out.

While this does not point out a contention between the 2, it presentations Isayama’s ingenuity in representing the variations of their means to succeed in their targets.

While Isayama can carry anything else to lifestyles within the Attack on Titan universe, some parts are at all times left open to the reader’s creativeness or used metaphorically to ascertain a message.

1. 3 Ways it Does

I. Ymir’s Powers

Many fanatics have theorized that Eren’s reincarnation used to be Ymir’s present to him for taking part in the position of the villain and in the end bringing her savior, Mikasa.

Since she’s the Founder that controls the entirety concerning the Eldian populace, she may have pulled some strings on the ultimate minute and allowed him to are living in a brand new frame.

Ymir may have extensively utilized this as a chance to let Mikasa bid Eren farewell one ultimate time as she used to be indebted to Mikasa for environment her loose.

II. Eren’s Memories in Chapter 130

While Chapter 130 fills within the holes of Eren’s adventure to genocide, there is one explicit panel that had a selection of Eren’s reminiscences from his viewpoint.

Some of them have been ones that we have now already noticed – Eren together with his pals after construction the railway, Pieck pointing a gun at him, birds within the distance, Zeke extending his arm to him after he used to be shot, and so on.

But it had one fascinating tiny element – Falco’s outstretched hand, achieving out for the chook within the sky. Although obscured with textual content (sneaky Isayama), it sort of feels to end up Eren’s rebirth.

III. Season 4’s Ending

Season 4’s finishing theme is a goldmine for professional chook theorists to end up their level. Not simplest are they subsidized up by means of the lyrics, however the visuals of a flaming chook blazing from Eren’s shawl can solidify their claims.

While some might argue that the species is difficult to make it out, its define turns out very similar to that of a Parasitic Jaeger – The ordinary chook representing Eren’s freedom and his craving for it.

Plus, it boasts a heat colour palette of reds, yellows, and oranges, indicating Eren’s fiery and unwavering interest for reaching his freedom.

2. 3 Ways it Doesn’t

I. Limitations to Ymir’s Power

Even although Ymir is the omnipotent Founder, she nonetheless has obstacles.

While she has absolute command over the Eldians, it nonetheless warrants her soul to be trapped within the Paths. So despite the fact that she succeeds in reincarnating Eren, she nonetheless must be alive to verify he remains that manner.

Additionally, reincarnation would contain a phenomenon out of doors the scope of the Paths. While Ymir’s proven to govern Titan Shifter’s souls, it is unclear if she may give them a complete new frame or lifestyles (but even so Titans).

Although Ymir has created numerous Beast Titan Shifters, there have not been any instances deterring from their humanoid hybrid glance. So, it might be conceivable that controlling animals is past her.

II. Contradictions to Chapter 130’s Memory Panel

While the panel may in brief end up Eren’s rebirth, it fails to provide an explanation for that Eren wasn’t useless when Falco reaches out for the chook.

Even if the time-altering powers of his Attack Titan have been for use as a explanation why, it nonetheless would not grasp advantage because the Power of the Titans dissipated the instant he died.

III. Dual Representations within the Song

Even although the finishing theme is screaming rebirth with its lyrics, visuals, and colour scheme, there are refined variations and a couple of manner of deciphering it.

For starters, the headband may constitute Mikasa’s love for Eren, and therefore the flaming chook may additionally constitute her freedom from Eren after his dying.

Secondly, the flames that engulf and materialize Eren in any case, have a distinct colour scheme in comparison to that of the chook – a definite blue tint.

Since the colour blue is regarded as to be stress-free and serene, it will depict Eren’s dying because the hurricane that raged for his freedom for years inside of him is in any case calmed by means of the include of dying.

Falco Grice and the unknown flying Beast Titan Shifter have been the one fortunate ones to have wings within the sequence.

Falco used to be by accident uncovered to Zeke’s spinal fluid when he took a wine bottle to the pinnacle after Niccolo’s outburst. After Zeke’s scream became him right into a Pure Titan, he wolfed Porco and inherited his Jaw Titan.

But since he had strains of Beast Titan DNA, he won wings, talons, and a beak as additional options. He additionally had get admission to to Zeke’s reminiscences and found out the life of a flying Beast Titan hovering in the course of the clouds from the previous.

While the Shifter can be a chook, there is additionally a possibility it used to be a pterodactyl, as noticed in Season 2’s opening.

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Attack on Titan used to be a Japanese manga sequence written and illustrated by means of Hajime Isayama. Kodansha publishes it within the Bessatsu Shonen Magazine.

The manga started serialization on September ninth, 2009, and continues up to now with 30 tankōbom codecs.

Attack on Titan follows humanity settled inside of 3 concentric partitions to offer protection to themselves from the terrifying titans that prey on them. Eren Yeager is a tender boy that believes {that a} caged lifestyles is very similar to that of livestock and aspires to head past the partitions in the future, similar to his heroes, the Survey Corps. The emergence of a dangerous Titan unleashes chaos.

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