Where Was The Colony Filmed? Tides Filming Locations

Swiss director Tim Fehlbaum is famous for crafting breathtaking post-apocalyptic visuals, and the slow-burning atmospheric sci-fi epic ‘The Colony’ (unique name: ‘Tides’) does now not fail to provoke. The dystopian film unveils a imaginative and prescient of desolate earth. When earth may now not foster lifestyles following a chain of failures, elites set sail for the far-off planet Kepler 209. However, they should now make the go back adventure to earth, which holds the name of the game to humanity’s survival.

After a shipwreck, ignorant protagonist Louise Blake (Nora Arnezeder, whose previous credit come with Denzel Washington starrer ‘Safe House’) should chart the adversarial frontiers of a muddy planet and remedy the puzzle of lifestyles. The tale is plausibly woven with an charisma. Moreover, the meditative environment immerses the target audience within the adventure. But the actual takeaway of the film is its imaginative depiction of flooded long run earth. You should wish to know the place the film was once filmed. If so, let us take you out on a adventure.

‘The Colony’ was once filmed in and round Germany, particularly in Brandenburg and Hamburg’s federal states. The director didn’t know a lot about Germany’s tidelands, however he needed to see where for himself upon enlightenment. As he stood within the huge expanse of nothingness, the theory of constructing a science fiction film struck him. The location, in flip, now not handiest takes on a personality within the movie but additionally embodies it. Getting the correct environment of the film was once possibly a difficult process. However, the director and the manufacturing staff pulled it off with minimum CGI.

The futuristic environment turns out otherworldly. It is not any surprise, then, that the director and the staff to begin with sought after where to constitute any other planet within the film. They additionally toyed with the theory of preserving the planet’s identification a secret until the finale – with the grand discovery of the Statue of Liberty. Markus Förderer treated the cinematography, whilst Julian R. Wagner served because the manufacturing dressmaker for the film. Let us now shipping you to the real places!

The director and the workforce filmed maximum portions of the film at the island of Neuwerk within the Wadden Sea between the Weser and Elbe estuaries. The distinctive location lies inside the town and state of Hamburg, round 120 kilometers from the town heart. The German tidelands are a part of a extra in depth intertidal zone acquainted because the Wadden Sea.

The UNESCO World Heritage Site stretches during the southeastern phase of the North Sea (throughout Germany, the Netherlands, and Denmark) — as a buffer between the beach and the Frisian Islands. For a adversarial terrain two times flooded by way of tide, the area harbors implausible biodiversity. The film mentions some creatures that inhabit the panorama – moon jellies and Chelicerata, equivalent to horseshoe crabs.

Additional filming came about on the Welzow-Süd mine, an important lignite mining web page on the earth. Situated within the Spree-Neiße district within the East German area of Lusatia, Welzow is likely one of the 4 open-pit mines nonetheless in industry within the nation. However, as Germany is the largest manufacturer of lignite (the bottom grade coal), the mine nonetheless produces a hefty 20 million heaps of lignite in keeping with 12 months. Some scenes have been filmed in a studio in Brandenburg, and a couple of have been shot in Bergbautourismus-Verein Stadt Welzow e.V. membership in Welzow.

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