Who is Lucius Zogratis? True Identity of Julius Novachrono Revealed!

Black Clover bankruptcy 331 totally modified the trajectory of all the sequence.

This web page accommodates spoilers from Black Clover.

With what has most likely been the most important twist Yuki Tabata has ever sprung upon us, the fandom is shook with out a indicators of restoration.

The finish of the newest bankruptcy printed that the mysterious fourth Zogratis sibling is Lucius Zogratis, who has been hiding throughout the frame of our loved Wizard King, Julius Novachrono.

This brings into query the motives, intentions, and identification of Julius himself, and whether or not or no longer he is similar particular person as Lucius.

Lucius Zogratis is a human from the Spade Kingdom, and is the fourth and eldest of the Zogratis siblings. He is the host to a highest-ranking Qliphoth satan – one of the crucial 3 Rulers of the Underworld, Astaroth, the Time Devil.

His function is to make use of the facility of the devils to remake humanity with timeless our bodies. Basically, corresponding to different villainous interests: the search for immortality.

In bankruptcy 310, when Zenon is combating Yuno, he remembers when he had approached Lucius to make him a satan host. That is when Lucius had instructed him how the one strategy to turn out to be more potent was once by way of changing into a satan host.

Lucius instructed Zenon that he had sought after to avoid wasting the dominion however protective everybody was once not possible. His plan was once to smash the susceptible briefly so he may just regenerate them later.

Lucius has a grimoire with two overlapping spades, one instantly, and the opposite the other way up.

Theories recommend that if a spade symbolizes demise, then an inverted spade may just most effective imply rebirth or resurrection, which is Lucius’s number one function.

Grimoires are explicitly tied to the mages that use them. So, what may just this spade grimoire recommend about Lucius and what does it imply for Julius?

Either Lucius and Julius have two separate grimoires like Patolli and William Vangeance did, or what we see in bankruptcy 331 is in fact Julius’s coverless grimoire remodeling into its true state, i.e., Lucius’s spade grimoire.

We know that grimoires choose their mages consistent with its resonance with their souls – a mix in their genes, their compatibility to the magic of the grimoire, and their innate skills.

Asta was once decided on by way of the five-leaf clover grimoire because of his essence and persona, and likewise on account of his connection to the anti-magic satan Liebe, who was once sealed into the grimoire by way of Lichita. Lichita is printed to be Asta’s actual mom, and the adoptive mom of Liebe.

The grimoire in the beginning belonged to Licht, the top of the Elf Tribe, who was hoping for people and elves to exist in team spirit. He had sword-based magic and owned the three swords Asta makes use of as of late.

After the Massacre of the Elf Tribe orchestrated by way of the satan Zagred, Licht’s grief corrupts his grimoire and it turns into a five-leaf clover as an alternative of 4.

Zagred sought after to manifest into the dwelling global and possess Licht after the grimoire transforms, however because of a sequence of occasions involving the primary Wizard King Lemiel, Zagred is not able to go into the dwelling global in the course of the grimoire.

Since five-leaf grimoires do not perish after the consumer dies, Lichita reveals it and seals Liebe in it to offer protection to him. Later, Liebe is come again into the sector in the course of the 5th leaf when Asta is selected to make use of the grimoire’s energy.

A identical factor most likely occurs with Julius’s grimoire. Maybe Lucius used forbidden magic and controlled to give you the option to host Astaroth after which seal himself inside Julius’s grimoire. When Julius won his grimoire, he additionally turned into the host to Lucius-Astaroth.

Since Lucius thru Astaroth can manipulate time, he may just foresee the long run. He made positive that issues went consistent with plan till the appropriate second, and then he would emerge.

In bankruptcy 144, Julius finds to Patolli (who’s underneath the guise of Licht in William Vangeance’s frame on the time), that he had won a coverless grimoire. He did not know whether or not this was once just right or dangerous, most effective that he was once particular by some means.

Maybe Lucius discovered a strategy to cover Julius’s grimoire quilt, which at all times most definitely had the overlapping spade insignia (which by way of the best way, seems like a four-leaf clover).

Like his grimoire, Julius believed that he didn’t belong to any class, and that the decisions he made dictated who he would turn out to be.

During their combat, Patolli calls Julius the “destiny of the sector” created particularly by way of the universe as a weapon to forestall them.

This could also be once we get a clue that Julius may well be one thing greater than what he portrays himself to be. Patolli can’t know how Julius is so speedy and will conquer all his assaults.

“Why is that this guy so robust? He’s only a human. Who is he?”

At the similar time, Julius is relatively resolutely nonetheless Julius, his beliefs and loyalty belonging to the Clover Kingdom.

He is prepared to die to offer protection to his other folks and needs for an indiscriminate society the place the robust and lucky assist the susceptible and underprivileged upward thrust to the highest.

At the top of bankruptcy 331, the panels display the transformation of Julius’s revolving, coverless grimoire into the overlapping spade grimoire.

The grimoire most effective adjustments now as a result of Julius had figured it out with Damnatio’s assist. Lucius printed himself and the real identification of the coverless grimoire.

“Time’s up.”

The most effective obvious rationalization is that Julius and Lucius are two souls in the similar frame, just like Patolli and William.

This is iterated in bankruptcy 331, as Damnatio confronts the Wizard King with the tips he has exposed in regards to the lifestyles of devils and their satan hosts.

In one of the crucial panels, we see pictures of Julius desirous about how William Vangeance and Patolli (who he considered Licht on the time) shared a identical frame given their identical ideals and ideologies.

“So it was once you, however on the identical time, it wasn’t you.”

The identical factor applies to Julius and Lucius.

But how can Lucius, a human, possess any other human?

One concept is that Julius and Lucius are twins, and Lucius who would possibly have Soul Magic, by hook or by crook merged with Julius after creating a care for Astaroth.

In Zenon’s flashback we see Lucius in a wheelchair, so it is imaginable he exchanged his legs to make use of a few of Astaroth’s energy. He later would possibly have promised his soul in change for the satan’s middle to change into totally into Astaroth.

Being a manipulator of souls, he most definitely discovered a strategy to stick round thru his dual’s soul. Or on the other hand, pledged Julius’s soul as an alternative of his personal with a view to obtain the satan middle.

Devil hearts also are as vital as dwelling souls within the Black Clover universe. A satan middle is the core of a satan, and so long as it’s unhurt, a satan can at all times resurrect.

Perhaps when Lucius spoke of timeless our bodies, he was once desirous about turning people into devils so they may reside without end.

Using Lucifero’s middle, he may just most definitely carry his brother Dante again to existence. If that is true, possibly Lucius and Julius are hooked up thru Astaroth’s satan middle, if no longer thru frame and souls.

My favorite concept is that Julius may well be the Time Devil Astaroth himself.

He will get tricked by way of the human, Lucius Zogratis, right into a devil-binding ritual, just like Asta and Liebe’s contract of equals. This would give an explanation for why Astaroth abruptly disappears from the underworld – he was once summoned and possessed by way of a human.

We know from Asta and Liebe’s equals contract that the 2 entered right into a 50-50 deal the place host and satan will have to paintings in combination and harmonize their ideas to exist. Matching markings seem on Asta and Liebe’s wrists after the contract.

Julius and Lucius too have very identical markings on their foreheads – Julius has the blue big name we are all aware of on his left temple, while Lucius has a black solar marking at the proper aspect of his brow.

This would possibly point out that Lucius carried out forbidden magic and made a freelance of equals with Astaroth.

But how can a human possess a satan?

Lucius’s 3 siblings possessed frame, bone, and blood magic; many theories suppose that Lucius has soul magic, as I too have discussed above.

But on the other hand, it is imaginable that Lucius possesses mind magic, which might have compatibility rather well with the truth that he may just manipulate other folks like his personal brother Zenon into changing into a satan host.

He most likely extensively utilized some type of that magic to trick and use Astaroth for his personal manner.

In a way, Astaroth was once manifested as a human, his mind tied to Julius. His satan reminiscences altered, the Ruler of the Underworld sought to turn out to be the Ruler of the Clover Kingdom, aka the Magic Emperor/Wizard King.

Meanwhile, as an alternative of a satan possessing a human, Lucius the human got here to are living throughout the satan, Astaroth.

This symbolism would play neatly into making Lucius-Julius-Astaroth the general villain for Asta-Liebe.

There are 1000 theories I will be able to throw at you, but when something is bound it is that Julius and Lucius cannot be the similar particular person. It simply does not upload up.

Even in bankruptcy 331, Julius senses a unusual unease that has been increase. He very plainly involves a realization that there’s something off about the entire thing. Just as he figures it out, Lucius takes over.

Whether or no longer they’ve separate grimoires is not transparent but, neither is the relationship between Lucius and Astaroth.

I do not doubt that Tabata has some magnificently thought-out solutions for us. I will be able to’t wait till damage week is over!

Black Clover is a Japanese manga sequence written and illustrated by way of Yūki Tabata. It has been serialized in Shueisha’s Weekly Shōnen Jump mag since February 16, 2015.

The tale facilities round Asta, a tender boy reputedly born with none magic energy, one thing this is unknown on this planet he lives in; and his foster brother Yuno who won the uncommon four-leaf grimoire and has extra magic energy than the general public! With his fellow mages from the Black Bulls, Asta plans to turn out to be the following Wizard King.

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