Who shot Hayden Barnes on General Hospital? Shawn vows to seek out the perpetrator

On closing evening’s (July twelfth) episode of ABC’s General Hospital, Shawn Butler vowed to head after Hayden Barnes’ shooter, however who’s the prison he is in search of?

Since the display commenced in 1963 and now with a Guinness World Record underneath their belt for longest-running US soap-opera, we now have noticed a large number of characters get killed off after just a few episodes.

On the opposite hand, additionally it is not unusual to seek out previous characters input again into the plotline.

After his debut in 2011, Shawn Butler (Sean Blakemore) was a ordinary persona till 2016. Since then, he used to be off the display till his go back in April 2021.

As he enters the General Hospital storyline, audience can have forgotten his plotline again in 2015 and why he’s decided to seek out Hayden’s shooter in the newest episode.

So who shot her and why is he so chronic to seek out the suspect?

Who shot Hayden Barnes?

Nikolas tells Hayden to visit Xtreme Motors to seek out Jake/Jason, the place Hayden will get hit within the head by way of a bullet.

At the scene, Shawn Butler used to be provide with a gun, in addition to a hitman. But Shawn’s venture used to be to kill Jake/Jason, as recommended by way of Sonny Corinthos. The hitman, alternatively, underneath orders of Nikolas to homicide Hayden.

Both armed males fired and it used to be presumed to be Shawn’s bullet that hit Hayden, no longer the hitman’s. When Hayden wakes up from her coma, it’s published that it used to be the hitman who struck her, no longer Shawn.

It seems that Shawn used to be about to fireside at Jake/Jason, however he used to be disarmed by way of Jordan. As that came about, he fired a bullet into the storage whilst the hitman shot Hayden, so Shawn ended up being framed.

It actually used to be the improper time for him.

Why did Nikolas need Hayden useless?

Hayden used to be married to Nikolas Cassadine underneath false pretenses or even ahead of marriage, she sought after to scouse borrow his diamonds to get her part within the marriage. So their marriage used to be doomed from the beginning!

You may just say that Hayden deserved her destiny as a result of she discovered about Nikolas’ secret that Jake Doe used to be in fact Jason Morgan and tried to blackmail him.

That’s why he instructed her to visit Xtreme Motors, as a way to get her off his again and in addition to level the homicide scene.

Even despite the fact that Nik is accountable, enthusiasts are satisfied that he’ll by no means be punished. Even if he’s sentenced, he’ll simply flash his money and purchase himself out of it.

One Reddit person stated, “Lol no. Rich white billionaire’s do not move to jail.”

Another agreed: “Will he move to jail? Doubt it. He might get stuck however be capable of purchase his manner out of it.”

u/i-am-not-a-lobster stated:

“Legally? No. I’m positive some the folks round the town who cared about Hayden and Shawn, and Carly may have one thing to mention about it and he’s going to have to hear a couple of rants for a couple of weeks, however then everybody will transfer on.”

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