Will Ash Defeat Leon on the End of Pokemon Journeys: The Series?

The preliminary impetus of Pokemon got here from the catch-phrase, “Gotta Catch ‘Em All.” Catching as many Pokemon imaginable and in consequence finishing the Pokedex, was a commonplace purpose for running shoes within the core sequence.

But Ash’s number one goal used to be by no means to seize each and every Pokemon on the planet. He sought after to be a Pokemon Master – an idea that continues to be unclear to at the present time amongst Pokemon enthusiasts. Nobody actually is aware of what does it in truth imply to develop into a Pokemon Master.

Ash has been to eight areas up to now, and truthfully, his adventure during the last 24 years has been a shuttle. We’ve observed him win, love, triumph over; we now have observed him develop up with out growing old, and being the only consistent in a chain that turns out to don’t have any finish.

While I will be able to’t say a lot about his ultimate purpose, I do have some ideas on his present one. Does the present Alolan Champion have what it takes to defeat Leon and develop into a World Champion?

Ash will defeat Leon. But whether or not or no longer it is within the context of the Pokemon World Coronation (PWC), is determined by what exactly the imprecise Pokemon Master identify approach, and if the franchise desires to certainly transfer on from Ash in Gen 9.

The whole season has been hyping up the rematch between Leon and Ash. Defeating Leon has been Ash’s overarching purpose since Sword and Shield started.

UK: Ash Battles Leon! | Pokémon Journeys | Official Clip

If Ash does not fulfil a purpose that he units for himself, he’s going to lose credibility as MC. And this, after all, can not occur, since Ash is the face of Pokemon.

The fandom just about misplaced it when Ash used to be defeated by means of Tobias and Alain, regardless of being greater than able to profitable. Ash is now extra skilled than he ever used to be, with an uber amped up roster; so it does make sense for him with the intention to beat Leon.

When Leon and Raihan are congratulating each and every different after their struggle, Ash actually interrupts a dialog between those two most sensible Trainers, and tells Leon that he’s going to sooner or later beat him to take his position as Number #1.

Ash says, “I’m the one one that can beat Leon and develop into the most powerful Pokemon teacher!” I imply, it is beautiful obtrusive that the creators are foreshadowing Ash’s victory. Unless that is simply what they would like us to assume.

To defeat Leon within the World Coronation Series and seize the identify of Monarch, Ash must face previous foes he has misplaced to ahead of, like Cynthia, and new ones he hasn’t confronted, like Raihan.

Even if Ash defeats everybody else, he’ll have a troublesome time beating the unmatched Monarch Leon within the construction of the PWC. I do know all of us wish to see Ash’s Pikachu beat Leon’s Charizard, and there is a just right likelihood that would possibly occur, simply no longer within the PWC Finals.

Ash may additionally beat Leon in a fit that isn’t counted within the PWC. But I’ve to mention, this might be reasonably anti-climactic, for the reason that Ash’s adventure in Pokemon Journeys has been all about profitable the World Coronation Series.

Currently, Ash has a forged workforce with Gigantamax Pikachu, Mega Lucario, without equal Ghost-type Gengar, the fossil Pokemon Dracovish, the Galarian Sirfetch’d, and the Gen 1’s most powerful Pokemon, Dragonite.

But Ash would possibly want slightly additional energy given how sturdy the sequence is development Leon as much as be. This is assuming that we get a 6v6 like the unique, and no longer a 3v3, or worse, a 1v1. If it is the latter, there is not any dialogue, as a result of it is gotta be Pikachu vs. Charizard.

If it is a 3v3 and Ash handiest makes use of his present Galarian Pokemon, I believe he would possibly opt for Dragonite, Dracovish, and Pika. If we get a 6v6, which I believe we must, Ash’s final workforce must have a few of his older Pokemon in addition to a Legendary.

The factor is, the sequence is known as Sword and Shield, which refers back to the mascot Legendaries, Zacian and Zamazenta. Ash hasn’t ever stuck a Legendary Pokemon. It could be significantly superb if Ash captured certainly one of them and used it on his workforce right through his struggle with Leon.

Obviously, Pikachu must deal probably the most injury, however having a Legendary on there would indisputably up his recreation. Ash getting a Legendary is not too farfetched both, what with Goh catching Suicine.

So, if it is a 6v6, Ash’s workforce must have: Pikachu, Gengar, Charizard, Dragonite, Dracovish, and Lucario.

Ps…As a lot as I would like Charizard to get replaced by means of Zacian, it kind of feels not likely.

Additionally, we should understand that Leon is not the one opponent in Sword and Shield. Now that we all know Cynthia is coming again, we wish to see Ash use a few of his older “Oak’d up” ‘mons to defeat her.

If we get a rematch with Paul and Alain, I’m assured Ash can slam them together with his Pokemon who have spent years coaching and getting more potent. How about Ash-Greninja? Infernape? Bulbasaur? They’d indisputably display his all-time competitors who is boss.

I would not be mad if Ash busts out Sceptile, Lycanroc, or hell, even Snorlax to struggle with him in Galar. It’s additionally showed that Ash is getting a Rillaboom/Grookey. He can use it in a battle with Raihan, together with Mimey, so he’s going to have a kind merit towards Raihan’s Dragon ruled workforce.

Also, if Ash does not use Charizard in his battle with Leon, he must indisputably use him towards Raihan’s Duraludon. How cool would it not be if Ash learns learn how to keep an eye on that Dynamax band and will Gigantamax his Charizard? Then Raihan would lose, similar to he did with Leon.

This is a tricky one. The fanboy in me is shouting “YES!”, however rationally talking, I may make a couple of arguments declaring another way. For one, Ash mustn’t defeat Leon as a result of that manner, his quest stays unfinished, and he can rightfully retain his place within the Pokemon franchise.

If Ash defeats Leon, there are only a few ways in which he can logically maintain the narrative. Unless there is a plot twist that provides us one thing extra main than the PWC, like one thing that ties Ash to Gen 9’s Arceus plotline.

Another manner it might make sense, is that if the which means of Pokemon Master seems to be one thing extra than simply “the most powerful Trainer on the planet.”

It may imply one thing alongside the traces of “grasp,” as in, “guru,” which might permit Ash to stick on in a trainer place, the place Trainers glance as much as him and search to be like him, no longer as a result of his energy in step with say, however as a result of his dating with Pokemon. 

I can be delighted if Ash defeats Leon. I can be delighted if Ash does not defeat Leon.

Ash will stay a Champion it doesn’t matter what. At the chance of sounding sappy, whether or not or no longer he turns into the Pokemon Master, Ash will at all times be the grasp of the Pokemon franchise, and our hearts.

That being mentioned, I will be able to’t look ahead to the overall showdown! 

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Pokémon used to be first launched in 1996 and is about up in an international the place people catch monsters and retailer them in pocket-sized poke-balls.

They are creatures with an affinity to positive components and a few superhuman skills associated with that part.

Revolving round a teenage boy Ash Ketchum, Pokémon takes us via his adventure to turning into probably the most achieved Pokémon teacher the arena has ever observed.

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