Will Kaguya move to Stanford University with Miyuki?

Kaguya has fallen deeply in love with Miyuki Shirogane — the esteemed Student Council President of Shuchi’in Academy.

When she realized of his upcoming departure to check out of the country, she was once devastated! That is why she mentioned “Yes” to him when he requested her whether or not she will accompany him to Stanford University!

But will she truly? Does she have the heart to totally deny her circle of relatives’s needs for her to stick, dwell, and marry in Japan?

Season 2 of the anime could have ended some time again, however the manga is simplest heating up! And with Season 3 across the nook, there is not any time to waste!

So, expensive enthusiasts, permit me to enlighten your minds in this “love dramatic” sequence this is virtually coming to a detailed!

This web page comprises spoilers from Kaguya-sama wa Kokurasetai.

Kaguya mentioned “Yes” to Miyuki and spoke back that she’s going to accompany him to Stanford University. This isn’t a marvel as many enthusiasts can see how she is madly in love together with her boyfriend!

But Kaguya retracted her promise to Miyuki in Chapter 209: “Dreams”. She defined to him that she loves him very a lot. But she should withdraw her Stanford software if she desires to stay him secure from her elder half-brothers’ wraths.

When she spoke back Miyuki all the way through his romantic rooftop “proposal”, she spoke back with out hesitation.

But she wasn’t considering obviously as a result of she didn’t believe how one in all her elder half-brothers, Oko, would assume if she had been to fly out of the country and learn about in a prestigious college!

Nor did she believe the prospective threat and danger her different deranged elder half-brother, Un’yo, would carry to Miyuki and Ai Hayasaka (Kaguya’s former servant and now true pal) all the way through the varsity commute (see “Class Trip Arc”)!

Note that Oko is Kaguya’s first half-brother; he’s the prideful eldest son of the Shinomiya circle of relatives.

Oko could also be the present attainable successor and present benefactor of the Shinomiya circle of relatives’s conventional patriarchal hierarchy — a hierarchy the place males are extra esteemed as a result of girls achieve much less schooling, download subpar careers, inherit much less fortune, and so forth.

Meanwhile, Un’yo is Kaguya’s 3rd half-brother; he’s a liar. He tried to kidnap and hostage Ai Hayasaka all the way through the category commute. He took her so she may also be coerced to spill secrets and techniques about Kaguya’s existence.

And as many enthusiasts know, Ai has been a live-in servant since she and Kaguya had been 7-years previous. She displays Kaguya’s day-to-day existence and has been relaying her whereabouts to Oko for many years.

Kaguya’s existence is assessed knowledge that Un’yo has been focused on so he can get on the higher ranks.

If he can kidnap Ai Hayasaka and pressure her to loosen her lips through locking her up, Kaguya and the Shinomiya wealth are one step clear of his snatch! He may just develop into the real successor to the Shinomiya conglomerate as a substitute of his half-brother, Oko.

Kaguya didn’t bring to mind the danger that Oko and Un’yo can carry to her liked and Ai. After all, she may just simplest see Miyuki and his love dramatic proposal all the way through the cultural pageant (which is why she agreed to use to Stanford University within the first position).

The Shinomiya circle of relatives hates someone stepping of their limitations. Therefore, despite the fact that the circle of relatives has no longer noticed nor met Miyuki but, they would most probably demean him in entrance of Kaguya! No doubt about it.

With their standing and tool, the Shinomiya circle of relatives would not even display the slightest appreciate to Miyuki despite the fact that he will get invited to Kaguya’s house on the circle of relatives property!

Kaguya’s elder half-brothers and father are too top and mighty. They may no longer even take a look at Miyuki within the eye! That’s how despicable they take a look at males whom they didn’t organize a wedding with Kaguya.

And as a result of Kaguya’s carelessness and reckless movements, Oko came upon his more youthful half-sister’s plans to wait a overseas college!

He threatened Kaguya (who now feels imprisoned on the palm of his elder half-brother’s fingers) pronouncing:

“If you develop into smarter than the prospective husband we make a selection for you thru an organized marriage, the Shinomiya conglomerate and the circle of relatives would glance unhealthy! We’d get in bother, and we’re going to blame you for it, Kaguya!”

And even if Oko turns out “approving” of Miyuki and turns out “sort” to Ai Hayasaka’s insurrection all the way through the category commute, he implied that it is all for “Kaguya’s sake” (so she would broaden an “iron fist”):

“Flirt and mess around with the one you love’s center up to you wish to have. After all, I idiot round with many ladies when I used to be your age. You may also deal with your maid as you spot are compatible. The Hayasakas are all my pawns on the finish of the day! Gan’an, our father, would possibly flip a blind eye for your silly movements. But know this: I hardly compromise when I’m this “sort”. So, make a decision correctly!”

With a looming circle of relatives forbidding Kaguya of her personal loose will, it is no surprise she did not hesitate to show Miyuki and his be offering down.

On one hand, Kaguya merely loves Miyuki, which is why she’s gonna move with him. On the opposite, she may have simplest spoke back “Yes” to him in order that she will flee from the horrible shackles and binds of her circle of relatives!

For all we all know, she may have used her Stanford University software as an excuse to loose herself from a dismal and darkish long term that her circle of relatives is putting in for her.

But now that Kaguya has rescinded her Stanford University software, all of it turns into transparent: she sought after Miyuki to be liberated from the horrible long term she’s heading to.

During this heartfelt dialog, she additionally admitted to him that the Shinomiya Group conglomerate led to the downfall of the company that Miyuki’s father previously controlled (this was once additionally discussed in Chapter 209: “Dreams”).

As enthusiasts know all too neatly, Miyuki’s dad was once a former Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of an organization that the Shirogane circle of relatives as soon as owned.

You heard that proper! Miyuki didn’t dwell with poverty all his existence as a result of his circle of relatives was once previously wealthy, and his dad was once an ex-CEO!

But the Shinomiya conglomerate took down that company, inflicting Miyuki’s mother to go through melancholy and go away her circle of relatives for just right.

Kaguya does not need Miyuki to be tangled with the Shinomiya conglomerate’s struggle for energy, affect, status, and wealth. Her circle of relatives already led to them struggling prior to now, and he or she does not need one thing like that to be repeated onto the Shirogane family once more.

Kaguya nonetheless loves Miyuki in spite of the whole lot that has took place. That’s why she is spending as a lot time as she desires with him through napping with him within the Shirogane family’s new rental for two months or extra.

After all, they’re 3rd-year scholars — they’re of their remaining yr of highschool. Even if she’s no longer accompanying him to Stanford University, she’ll sleep with him at his rental once in a while, meet him in class once more, and spend many amusing dates in combination! She’ll cherish the moments she has with him earlier than they’re geographically separated.

Kaguya may no longer accompany Miyuki straight away when he is going to Stanford. But with standing, cash, and affect, she’ll most probably get herself on a personal air jet and fly to the Americas.

However, all of this may occasionally simplest occur after she wins a struggle in opposition to the Shinomiya conglomerate.

First, she should loose herself from Oko’s snatch. Then, she should lend a hand Ai Hayasaka and her mother so they are able to be totally loose from Oko’s servitude.

Those duties are tall orders, however she should struggle if she desires to earn her freedom and lend a hand her pals earn theirs too!

Fans stay clueless about how Kaguya’s struggle together with her circle of relatives will end up. But something’s evidently: she withdrew her Stanford software as a result of she loves Miyuki and Ai.

If she sought after to flee from the Shinomiya circle of relatives’s snatch, she should “do struggle at the inside of”: she should achieve knowledge internally and use the ones in opposition to her horrifying circle of relatives!

It may well be a protracted shot, however it is value a check out if it method finishing this inner warfare between herself and her blood ties with the Shinomiya circle of relatives and the Shinomiya conglomerate.

No subject how the sequence ends, mangaka Aka Akasaka has taken his enthusiasts for a wild trip! It’s been a amusing adventure to peer Kaguya, Miyuki, Chika, Yu, and Miko struggle for romance and with love for six+ healthy years!

Kaguya sama wa Kokurasetai is a Japanese seinen manga sequence written and illustrated through Aka Akasaka.

It started serialization in Shueisha’s Miracle Jump in May 2015 and was once transferred to Weekly Young Jump in March 2016.

It follows scholar council president, Miyuki Shirogane, and vice-president, Kaguya Shinomiya, who seem to be the very best couple.

Kaguya is the daughter of a rich conglomerate circle of relatives, and Miyuki is the highest scholar on the faculty and well known around the prefecture.

Although they prefer every different, they’re too proud to admit their love as they imagine whoever does so first would lose.

The tale follows their many schemes to peer the opposite one fall and claim their passions first! As of April 2021, the manga had over 15 million copies in print.

Originally Written By Epic Dope

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