Ya Boy Kongming! Episode 8: Release Date, Speculation, Watch Online

The stress is top because the time limit for the 100, 000 likes undertaking, the competition that will lead Eiko to Summer Sonia assists in keeping creeping nearer.

Kongming comes up with a technique to assist Eiko succeed in that apparently inconceivable quantity however a sluggish burner that cuts that with reference to the time limit isn’t one thing everyone seems to be ok with.

That stratagem has extra transferring items than what someone there may be ok with. Pieces that do not precisely meld smartly with each and every different.

Kongming is pushing everybody to their absolute limits with this one, will they destroy or will they arrive shining like by no means earlier than, no one is aware of.

With the former episode finishing with a budding friendship forming between the outstanding Nanami and Eiko, she may probably get any other member on her workforce, or perhaps she has discovered a Sasuke to her Naruto.

Whatever be the case, the route for the following episode turns out oddly obtrusive until Kongming throws any other curveball. We will almost definitely see Eiko seek advice from the Tokyo Skytree, get captivated, and prompt to search out her personal voice. A conquest through which I’m positive her newfound good friend, Nanami will help her a great deal.

On the opposite hand, Kabe’s rap fight towards Sekitoba appears to be the extra thrilling factor at the itinerary at the moment as Sekitoba were taking a look to head towards Kabe for a very long time, and now that he has the chance he’s going to make certain that it’s one for the books. 

Episode 8 of the Ya Boy Kongming! anime might be launched on Thursday, May 19, 2022. The episode name or preview has now not been proven.

1. Is Ya Boy Konmming! on Break This Week?

Episode 8 of Ya Boy Kongming! might be launched as in keeping with time table. No lengthen has been introduced.

The episode begins off with Kongming giving the remainder of the tea a fundamental rundown on his technique to achieve 100,000 likes to achieve Summer Sonia.

He used to be in a position with all of the data and analytical knowledge on their competition amongst which, he deduces that the ladies’ band known as Azalea to be their largest risk since they have been sponsored through the notorious company, Key Time.

Eiko and everyone start panicking whilst making plans the following submit on her socials instantly however Kongming calms them down telling them that probably the most opportune second to make that submit is 3 days earlier than the time limit naming the day, “X Day”.

Their Golden Ticket to 100K likes could be Eiko’s unreleased and unmastered track. To get the pro paintings carried out, Kongming had already booked her a studio whilst he had an entire other project for Kabe.

Kabe used to be meant to have a rap fight together with his preliminary position type and now rival, Sekitoba Kung Fu, a fight he used to be dreading.

The plan is categorized “Plan for Peace Throughout the World – Volume -1” and with that, everybody rushes off to their respective jobs.

Eiko results in entrance of the studio for her first-ever skilled recording consultation. Jittery and frightened, she takes out the applications Kongming had given her to open if she ended up frightened. The applications have been numbered and have been to be opened in that way.

Eiko opens all 3 however is puzzled through the contents so she merely chooses to practice the primary person who tells her to shop for two jumbo packs of Puri Pudding.

She manages to search out her method into the studio however is completely surprised through the manufacturer Kongming had arrange for her because it became out to be Steve Kido, an entire weirdo, and a famend DJ.

After a jam consultation with Eiko, that best took place as a result of Kongming’s urged puddings took place to be his favourite snacks to devour on the studio, he in a well mannered way threw her out telling her that she had to in finding “HER” voice earlier than she got here again for the recording.

While all this used to be occurring, kabe used to be drowning himself in sports activities beverages and looking to get a hold of bars to fireside towards his rival Sekitoba and to search out the which means at the back of the tidbit that Kongming had thrown his method.

Where Kabe bashed his head towards a work of paper and his ideas, Eiko took her frustration out on her legs as she walked all of the strategy to Shibuya Hachiko Square. The 2d bundle from Kongming used to be a highway allow to accomplish at that very spot.

Looking for a great place she seen that each excellent spot used to be taken, almost definitely relieved since she had by no means carried out out at the highway earlier than and wasn’t too concerned about doing so both. But unexpectedly a performer making a song “I’m nonetheless alive as of late” stuck her eye.

Enraptured she stored listening till the performer used to be interrupted through two law enforcement officials who requested her for a allow that she didn’t have. Eiko got here to her rescue pretending to be her spouse and appearing her license for the 2 of them.

Since the license used to be already shared, the 2 make a decision to accomplish in combination, change into excellent buddies, and plan to accomplish once more on the similar position best, this time Eiko could be making a song.

Ya Boy Kongming! is a comedy manga written through Yuto Yotsuba and illustrated through Ryo Ogawa and began serialization on Kodansha’s Comic Days website online in December 2019.

The tale includes a battle strategist from historical China, Liang Zhuge or Kongming, transported to modern day Japan whilst on his deathbed. In the fashionable international, Kongming encounters Eiko Tsukumi and turns into keen on her making a song. Kongming guarantees Eiko that he’s going to make her desires come true to forestall her from quitting.

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